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About FiG


First, Who We Are?

CrossFit Fig is a community of individuals looking to improve their lives together through fitness. All walks of life gather at Fig to be coached by fitness professionals who are dedicated to both Health and Fitness. 

Our coaches are certified across a wide variety of areas, but they also understand that fitness only improves if you show up.  Our first goal is making you feel comfortable in a new environment by teaching you how to move safely and confidently through all types of movements (familiar and unfamiliar).  At Fig, we have created a fun and inviting environment that will keep you coming back. 

CrossFit Fig values the importance of fitness, but prides itself on having a “community first” mentality….building strong friendships, minds, and bodies.  Our strong community is what keeps you invested and makes you family. 

CrossFit Fig offers programming that can be tailor fit for every body.  We are a place to build strength and endurance, lose weight, become a better athlete, or simply get a great workout.


Why Choose FiG?

Clean Facility
We pride ourselves in having a clean space for all our members to train.
Professional Coaching
All our coaches are full time. This means they dedicate their entire day to your health and fitness!
8,000 square feet and a separate warm-up room gives us the ability to run classes both big and small.
Heating and Cooling
Our facility is heated and cool for your comfort.
Kids Room
We have a room designated for kids with 4 ft tall walls so kids are confined to a safe space yet can see their parents train. We also have a large television which has access to Disney and Netflix Kids.
Member Lounge
Our member lounge provides a space to sit back and relax.
Free Wifi
Members and their kids can connect any device to our wifi for unlimited entertainment.
InBody Scanner
Use our InBody scanner to accurately track weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, and even total body water weight.
We have recently purchased the building allowing us to have 360 parking around the entire building.
Pro Shop
If you are in need of workout gear or want to wear Fig swag we’ve got you covered .