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FIG’s Tips to Conquer the Open

Andy Newton

FIG’s Tips to Conquer the Open

1. Chill, and learn from the experience.

If you’re reading this, odds are you are not going to Regionals. If you are a perennial contender in your region, keep reading, you might be fitter than I am, but I might be smarter than you. If you’re Julie Foucher, move on, do something more productive with your time; you are in fact fitter and smarter than I am.

Your CrossFit Open performance is not going to solve life’s ills. So chill. If you overachieve, celebrate. But if you miss your target goals, or are underwhelmed by your composure in the toughest moments LEARN FROM IT. There is only defeat in what you choose to defeat you. Moreover, chill. Have no regrets, only lessons to reflect on. Even Mat Fraser has had shortcomings; just look at his catastrophic collapse in the final event of the ’15 Games. I’d speculate he learned a invaluable lesson in that loss, reevaluated his approach and came back hungrier.


2. Eat/recover/hydrate.

These upcoming 5 weeks are not the ideal time to take up challenging Joey Chestnut for the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Championship belt. Go back and double check the first 26 words of Coach Glassman’s famed 100 words of fitness. I’ll save you a Google search: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” That’s the path until those last few thrusters in Week 5. Stick to the script. You’ll feel superhuman.

Party less. Replace your cherished cervezas with hard liquor, and then replace your hard liquor with water.

Sleep like a narcoleptic grizzly. This is a magic recovery tool. Nap at every available moment. Don’t take PTO, just lock your office door and put your iPhone in a desk drawer. The Open is your priority, and now you’ve found a way to get paid to recover. You’re basically a professional athlete. You’re welcome.


3. Run your own race.

Having a rabbit (an athlete to utilize as a pace car) to chase is a irreplaceable training tool. It keeps you honest. In the WODs where you’re deep in the pain cave and that voice in your mind is getting incrementally more convincing looking across the floor and seeing someone of similar capacity continue to move can silence any self-doubt and have you finding your hands back on the bar like almost nothing else. That being said, depending on the movements, the volume and the loading of a particular metcon, you must run your own race. Ignore that at your own peril.

In only comparing your scores to certain athletes you abbreviate your opportunity to grow. In only game planning based on another athlete’s approach you both risk making the mistakes they encounter or shortchanging your potential. In my opinion you should be seeking out your own thresholds, leaning on the avenues put forth by your coaches, and being satisfied in your efforts.


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