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Don’t Trip: Eradicating Discouragement in Scaling & Understanding the Universal Reality of Programming.

Andy Newton

Don’t Trip: Eradicating Discouragement in Scaling & Understanding the Universal Reality of Programming.

“Infinite scalability” is a commonplace phrase in the CrossFit vernacular, but what’s it really mean? Beyond progressions there lies a community-wide understanding that may not be verbalized much outside of coaching circles. This unspoken tenet is more of a “duh” once confronted than a compact or anything truly concrete, but in my experience is still a lesser known element of how those who are tasked with composing an affiliate’s workouts navigate scheme construction, load, duration and blah blah blah.

Here goes… programming exists as a duality in that it must be both challenging to the fittest among us and remain approachable to those greener to our methodology.

How, you ask? BOOM! Infinite scalability. Easy as shoplifting on Sunday morning.

Ehh, not quite. There are prerequisites, byproducts and addenda that must be addressed to have a complete knowledge and understanding of what I call the Universal Reality of Programming. That sounds so cool.

1. Prerequisites: Every neighborhood is different.

When the CrossFit Fig “Big 3″ (as I call Felix, Fatima and myself) program we do so as an open committee, with final creative control going to our Head Coach. This serves as a checks and balances of sorts, and is mighty healthy as we’re contracted with the fitness of over a hundred people who vary side by side in every way imaginable. It’s a beautiful thing, really. Continuing, the optimal course to preserve equity in putting forth an effective curriculum is to design components that challenge your fittest athlete, man or woman, and then scaling accordingly so every athlete receives the same response from his or her body. Therefore preserving the intended stimulus of the workout.

So, every neighborhood is different, meaning, don’t worry about “Rx.” Just a few dozen miles away there may be a box whose highest level athlete would eclipse Fig’s finest, and that’s okay. “Rx” at that facility would therefore be much more demanding than it may be at ours. Save benchmarks, hero WODs or Main Site classics, everything is up for reinvention and by that rationale Rx is a relative term predicated upon who trains where.

2. Byproducts:  Discouragement in scaling.

We’ve all had a day one. I cannot tell you how many times in my coaching career I’ve been told by someone that they’ll “never be able to do that” about you-name-it and sure enough, six months or a year later that person is having a fluid conversation with me WHILE PERFORMING THAT SAME MOVEMENT.

Point is, take your time. On a long enough time line a slight rain on a band of rocky landscape became the Grand Canyon. Work hard. Don’t ever be discouraged in scaling. It’s intelligent. Whatever obstacle you’re looking to overcome will fall as long as you hold true. Earn the capacity the way you’re meant to. Don’t want or try to cut corners. Stay disciplined and nothing is unattainable.

3. Addenda: Effort Vs. the Clock.

At the end of the day this endeavor we’ve all embarked on is our fitness program, period. Don’t trip about the time on the clock. Take a mental inventory and make a note of it. Did you step just beyond your threshold? Are you satisfied with your effort? Yes, yes, cool. That’s all that matters. Next time up, continue to run your own race but be willing to step just a toe further. Be satisfied, but come back as hungry as ever. Commit to the methodology, embrace the programming, trust your coaches and be a positive force in the community, that’s the path.

Stay Frosty.

-Zen Master

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