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CrossFit FIG

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Change Begins Today! 

Welcome to our Free Intro Session!

At CrossFit Fig, we set you up for success from day one with our free Intro session.


Get a comprehensive introduction to our methodology, and what makes us unique.

Book On-Ramp

Book Your Intro Session

What your first session will look like...

First We Talk

The Tour

We show you around our amazing facility, and walk you through a day at the gym.


What Do We Do Here?

 A quick explanation of the ins and outs of the CrossFit FIG methodology, why it works, and what to expect.



The InBody Scan

At CrossFit FIG, we’re all about data-driven results. The InBody Analyzer delivers precise body composition analysis, a free baseline scan with your On-Ramp.

Then We Sweat

The Foundational Movements

CrossFit has a set of movements that drive the entirety of the programming. You will review these with your coach to prepare you for classes, and build your confidence in the CrossFit methodology.



The Workout 

 Here is where the fun begins. Just like in class we will talk through our on ramp workout, which will introduce you to how CrossFit training works. I will be tough, you will be challenged, you will succeed.

Final Steps

We will end the session with a cool down and Q and A, answering any questions about CrossFit, membership details, gym hours, and whatever other questions you may have.


Additionally, we’ll help you set personalized fitness goals and show you how we can help you achieve them!

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