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I’m Still Here

Andy Newton

I’m Still Here

There’s this astounding thing that has been happening for a long while now within our community. The cream has risen.
Salesmanship does not make a CrossFit box a home. Bottoming out price points cannot save you from the coach who habitually eyes his or her smartphone instead of hawking for deficiencies. Free of checks and balances, the ego of position or the complacency of tenure can falseheartedly elevate a mind once frenzied with sharpening it’s edge to a topography of underhanded faultlessness. Your comfort should be suppositional. You should be living looking over your shoulder as long as I’m in the game.
Coaches reading this, I’ve got some news and for most of you, your survival depends on it.
Are you ready? 3.. 2.. We’ll get there. First, let me tell you a story.
In February 2011 I was running sprints across a soccer field beneath the bitter morning sun of a wind-stricken Bavaria and hitting long sets of burpee box jumps at each end. The cutting atmosphere flushed out my cheeks. My every stride denoted by an acoustic “SLOP” as it had rained the night before. I was fresh off a battle-heavy deployment in the Logar Province of Afghanistan. All I’d done since my boots landed back on the ground in the developed world was sleep less than I used to and train harder than I ever had. Nightmares and therapy, insomniac and writer’s block coupled with a willingness to suffer.
Back home I found a box in the basement of an advertising agency’s building. “Helen” began with a trampling up a staircase to the sidewalk at street level. In that hole in the Earth I found my being. All that had been lost amongst the firefights and moondust reemerged.
Gimmicks fall by the wayside. The boxes that began with big loans or were founded by old money be damned or good for you, I couldn’t care less. CrossFit is about the climb. The fight. I’ve been there.

I’m still here…

Now I’m working for the best affiliate owners one could imagine. They took the change from their couch cushions and forged an inspiration. Changing lives is as regular as breakfast banter, because we wake and welcome the hard work. Together, we burn away life’s hardships. We overcome insurmountable objectives. We’re family.

The news is, I don’t believe in luck. I believe in seizing the moment, and living for what you’d die for.


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