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The Unsaid, But Known At CrossFit FIG.

Andy Newton

The Unsaid, But Known At CrossFit FIG.

Recently, Ally Kroencke—whom I affectionately have dubbed “LT” as she is set to become an Officer in the Army—asked me if Courtney does her own programming. Courtney Bliss Randolph (or Bae) is both the love of my life and away from our interconnectedness —and from her own gritty efforts—a phenomenal athlete.

At the moment Ally asked, Court was across the gym looping together Ring Muscle-Ups with the same fervor and steadfastness that I ate Play-Doh as a child. We were lesser off at one point, and well, I was hungry.

During the On Ramp class, I tell participants that we as a coaching staff want our athletes to have a “behind the curtain” understanding as to why we do what we do. This is a detailed discourse on exactly that.

The answer is No, by the way. She doesn’t have a personalized itinerary, even if you see her, or I don’t know, let me grab a name out of thin air… Chagdrick (aka “Finesse King” aka “Thanos”) doing workouts that are not found on the FIG WODs track of BTWB. This is because they’ve already done the prerequisite training earlier in the day, and reserve the right to subject themselves to further productive torture later on. While most of us are sleeping, or in my case maybe stuffing my face with sustenance more nutritionally viable than Play-Doh (I’ve graduated to bread) the two-a-day athletes are in class chasing the orb. This orchestration is one of many elements that are unsaid but should be known about the processes that take place at CrossFit FIG.

In no particular order, they are as follows:

1 Community programming first, trust me it’s enough.

Nothing is stopping you but recovery. Every athlete at FIG pays some tier or another for their membership, yet all of them are equivalent in the opportunity they present. If you’re looking to compete and feel as if the community programming alone is not sufficient enough to mold you into the athlete you’re aspiring to be, consult a coach and explore your options. Doing two-a-days is allowed and mostly encouraged. Nothing is stopping you but recovery, because there is such a thing as overtraining. But know these two things: firstly, the community programming takes precedent. Meaning, you must attend class before you do any auxiliary programming, regardless of who gives you the extra work. Secondly, the community programming is enough, trust me. Felix, Fatima and yours truly spend hours and hours pouring over data to provide the athletes who call FIG home base with programming that holds it’s own. A majority of us in the community, myself included, stick solely to the daily WODs as the totality of their fitness regiment. They are expertly purposeful, thoughtfully diverse and precise in execution. There is another box in our metropolitan—within artillery range I’d speculate—that follows our programming at FIG on a week delay. A great compliment. That’s how high we carry the standard.

2 If you’re cleaning up equipment after you finish, and there is someone still working, you are WRONG.

Unless you work at the National Astronomy Large Array in New Mexico and are therefore privy to clandestine information about an impending asteroidal impact I can’t imagine what’s so pressing that upon completing the final rep of a WOD that you must dismantle your barbell and flee the box faster than Matt Lauer leaving the Today Show studios. Do the right thing. Catch your breath, regain your composure and then find someone who needs some motivation. Them seeing you there, kneeling at their periphery hollering inaudibly is a factor of accountability that does not exist in traditional gym settings. If the person says “I don’t like it when people root me on,” TOO BAD, you must find it in your repertoire to enthusiastically refuse to leave them to finish alone and continue with unconditional support. Remember every person who arrives for class did so by convincing themselves to go. Now it’s your duty to remind them why they stay.

3 The only “person” you should be concerned with lives between your ears.

Rabbits (or pace cars) are a staple of a healthily competitive CrossFit environment. If we’re doing a WOD that consists of primarily running and I can stay within a distance of Brian Davis where he can hear me verbally berate him for having the dynamic prowess and stamina of a seasoned sled dog than I’m in fairly respectable standing performance-wise relative to my expectations of myself. I do not care if I’m defeated in said WOD as long whenever I take a mental inventory the response is that I’m flirting with my capacity’s threshold. Nothing else matters. Only that your inner monologue is self-affirming and positive, and that your efforts are true. Keep showing up, run your own race, realize that your nervousness is simply a precursor to courage and in the most demanding moments confront the voice within your mind with defiant opposition.

See you tomorrow.

One thought on “The Unsaid, But Known At CrossFit FIG.

  1. I love your way with words… and I must ask myself why certain parts of this actually brought tears to my eyes.. Those parts hit me as if you were talking directly about me and/or to me. When I am finishing and everyone else is done I just want to be invisible… note to self .. I cannot be invisible in this community… Now to convince myself to go… and remember my nervousness is just a precursor to courage.

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