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You versus You

Fatima Figueroa

You versus You

Most of us live life trying to achieve happiness and success, the American dream. A lot of that starts with how we feel internally. Our thoughts and attitude project how we live. We set the tone for our day; our minds are the most powerful element in our bodies.

Our success should be measured by how much we have learned and how much effort we have put in our lives. In the past, I have been guilty of comparing my success to others. This has not only been harmful to me, but to others around me. Not taking the time to appreciate my accomplishments and success because they weren’t as good as someone else, had a huge impact on why I wasn’t succeeding as much as I wished. There are numerous people with all kinds of different skills out there which make comparing a dead end. I decided to take a step back and reflect on how detrimental that was for my growth, and decided that it was time to take a different approach.

Bottom line is, have gratitude and appreciation for all your accomplishments. Comparing ourselves to others is as wrong as comparing earth to mars: it does not correlate. We are unique to the rest of the world and that is what makes us who we are. Comparing what you were yesterday to what you are today is valid because it is you! You are gauging how much you have progressed and learned. Adding others to the comparison puts the focus on the wrong person. Your efforts should be on you!

The reason why I’ve decided to write this is because I have personally asked myself several times: “Why keep pushing this hard if I have not seen as much progress as others?”, “Why keep doing this if I won’t be as good as them?” That was detrimental to my own progress and I was losing the desire to better myself.

I put a hard stop on it and decided to eliminate everyone else out of the equation and focus on my progress. I laid out my road from when I first started this CrossFit journey to where I am now; and damn have I made progress! The amount of progress I made is overwhelming. Not only the vast amount physical but the mental progress is shocking. The learning I have obtained from this journey is astonishing. When analyzing this from the correct angle, I have to tell you: I am damn successful!

Why stop now? Why stop something that has made me so much better? The answer is: I WON’T! I am looking at myself in the mirror every morning: “I am going to be better than I was yesterday.”  Is it going to be easy? NO! But I can guarantee that once you acknowledge YOU, and leave the rest out of the picture the road will be brighter and more enjoyable!

Remember, using others as a positive inspiration is different than the detriment of comparison.

Comparing takes the joy away from living and being the best you can be!

Mama Fig out

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