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$49 Fit Start Intro

Your transformation starts NOW!

Embark ON your Fitness Adventure

Begin your fitness transformation with our $49 FitStart Intro! Experience two weeks of CrossFit Fig's unique and exceptional training sessions at an unbeatable introductory rate. Discover what sets us apart and take the leap into a healthier you. Ready to transform? Dive in today!

A Fun and Challenging Way For You To Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

Okay, so you purchased a fitStart Intro!

What's Next?

1. Schedule Your Sessions

  • Register Online: After signing up, you'll gain access to our Walla powered app. Here, you can view our class schedule and register for classes that suit your routine.

  • Fully Immerse Yourself: Your $49 FitStart Intro isn't just a trial it's your all-access pass to discover what CrossFit is all about. The more classes you join, the more you'll experience the transformative power of our workouts.

2. Get Set for Success

  • Arrival: Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class. This gives you a chance to meet your coach, familiarize yourself with our space, and settle in without rush.

  • Orientation: Your coach will provide a brief orientation, introducing you to the basics of CrossFit training and answering any questions you might have.

3. Dive Into Your Journey

  • Your First Class: Enjoy learning new skills and participating in workouts that have been scaled to match your current fitness level.

  • Progress Tracking: Our coaches are here to help you track your progress from day one, ensuring that you’re not only meeting but exceeding your fitness goals.

4. Embrace the Community

  • Meet Fellow Members: Feel the energy of our community. Your fellow members are here to motivate and support you every step of the way.

4. Join the Full Program

  • At the end of your FitStart Intro, you’ll have a clear understanding of what makes CrossFit Fig unique. If you love the experience (and we think you will!), we’ll guide you through the process of becoming a full-time member.


Here is what out clients have to say about us...

Ready for a change?

Ready to take the leap and discover your potential? The FitStart Intro is your gateway to a new and exciting fitness journey. Let's get moving!

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