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Beyond Dollars: The Priority-Driven Path to CrossFit

Seated as I often find myself, in the calm aftermath of a coaching session in our lobby, I was engaged in lively banter with some of our members. The dialogues, contrary to what one might assume, aren’t always centered around CrossFit, but on this particular occasion, it veered that way. The topic at hand was the affordability of CrossFit, prompted by a member’s assertion that most individuals could comfortably afford it. I paused, then voiced my agreement, saying, “I believe most everyone can.” He expressed doubt, to which I responded with a single, loaded word: “Priority.” I could almost see the gears turning in his head, probably thinking that priorities don’t generate income.

Allow me to shed light on my stance.

People across a spectrum of demographics, notably those in the middle class and above, frequently indulge in dining out, partaking in vibrant local events like Chiefs games and concerts, or perhaps channeling funds into their children’s sports endeavors or catering to the whims and necessities of their pets… PRIORITIES.

Now, if finances are stretched thin, a gym membership might appear to be a frivolous expenditure...

And therein lies the crux of my argument: it’s a matter of what takes precedence in one’s life. Health, unfortunately, doesn’t top the list for some, and I’m not here to cast judgment. The equation is simple though—if one were to redirect the funds, say from a weekly dining outing to a gym membership, the pathway to affording a service-based gym like ours becomes a lot clearer.

Many are subscribed to multiple streaming platforms. A startling revelation is that on average, an American shells out $55 monthly on streaming services, with a quarter of them spending over $75. The choice often boils down to ‘Netflix and chill’ versus ‘Planks and Protein.’ And that’s entirely okay... PRIORITIES.

Oh, and let’s not gloss over the $30-$50 at a traditional gym that often go unused for a plethora of reasons.

The financial cost on leisure or luxuries is frequently underestimated. My perspective orbits around a fundamental question: what holds more weight, binging through three episodes of Suits on Netflix, savoring a tantalizing, perhaps a Thursday tradition of a dinner out on the town, gearing up and attending a sporting event, or investing in enhancing the quality of life and fortifying your physical future?

In a perfect world, everyone can indulge in all their wants and belong to a service-based gym that can guide you to improving your health. But we don’t, and that’s where we circle back to PRIORITIES.

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